Our company Le Chateau Du Chocolat S.A.R.L is an established chocolate factory in Lebanon, producing a large variety of chocolate products both compound and real , such as Chocolate Blocks , Chocolate Spread , Fillings , Pralines , Nuts and Fruits covered with chocolate, Coating Chocolate ,  Ice cream coating and dipping chocolate, a wide range of enrobing items, chocolate bars , Sugar free chocolate etc,,,

Our total monthly production capacity of Chocolate is approximately 40 tons.

We serve clients, like Pastries, Bakeries, Hotels, Catering Companies, Chocolate shops, Deli Shops, Cake industries, Ice cream Industries and wholesalers.

Our production team is highly qualified with over 25 years of European experience, our equipments are among the best in the trade, and our raw materials sources are considered among the top five in the chocolate industry.

Our Management team is backed up by a very strong know-how of the chocolate business and a comprehensive knowledge of the chocolate market in Lebanon and the whole Middle East countries.

We are ready to fulfill all your needs and to customize our products to fit your special requirements.